Features and Details

Soccer Registrar is an online registration and club management system designed and built exclusively for soccer. It’s an integrated package for your players, coaches, referees and administration staff, all for a single annual fee. No additional costs based on volume, no hidden fees, and best of all we host it for you!

Why an online system? It provides easy and secure access to data for your organization from any Internet connection. Members in your organization can access the data they need when they need it, improving your efficiency and accuracy.

Is it complicated to use? Though Soccer Registrar is a comprehensive system, you can start out simple with online registrations, and expand your usage of the system as needed by your organization. With its integrated access control it’s easy to delegate responsibilities to other members in the organization.

Is it expensive? All of Soccer Registrar’s functionality is included in the single annual fee. If you are accepting online payment, additional transaction fees may be incurred from the payment processing service. We host the system and perform daily backups of the data as part of the annual fee. There are no additional costs for volume of data or number of player registrations.

Some of the many features Soccer Registrar offers are: